Historical Documents

This page contains copies of documents that have a historical significance to the squadron.


Flight Line Chatter

In the 1980s a member of the squadron (1st Lt. and later Capt. Kate Crowder) created a monthly newsletter called Flight Line Chatter. This newsletter reported on the events of the day in and around the squadron. The manner in which this newsletter was created used a blend of old and new technology — some articles were typed on a traditional typewriter while others were created using a word processor and dot-matrix printer, and there was both line art (sketches and drawings) and photographs scattered throughout most of the issues. Pages were composed by physically collecting and arranging the individual pieces, attaching them to sheets of paper with tape or glue, and then placing each completed “paste-up” in a photocopier to produce the finished pages.

A small collection of assorted issues was discovered while cleaning the squadron building in October 2011. They were in various states of condition, with paper yellowing and text fading. An effort was made to preserve the content of these issues by scanning them into digital image files and applying enhancement tools. The resulting PDF files presented here represent a “best effort” at restoration, but the text is still difficult to read in some areas and many of the photos have lost a significant amount of detail.

All of the monthly issues that have been found so far are listed below. If anyone has copies of the issues that are missing, or has better copies of the issues listed here, please contact us so that we can arrange to obtain copies of them to add to this collection.



(Note: no issues appear to have been published in November or December of 1984)